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            英語初級口語 (mp3+lrc字幕)Lesson36

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            [00:00.00]Lesson 36 Text A
            [00:05.07]Three Wishes
            [00:07.42]Once upon a time,there lived a woodman and his wife.
            [00:12.98]They were very poor,and they lived in a cottage on the edge of a forest.
            [00:19.07]Every day,the woodman would set out early in the morning to chop down trees.
            [00:26.07]As the woodman was travelling through teh forest one day,he saw a fine old oak tree,
            [00:34.64]"That will make plenty of planks,"he thought,as he felt the blade of his axe to make sure it was sharp.
            [00:42.92]He was about to strike the tree with the axe,
            [00:46.81]when he heard someone crying out:"Please don't hurt this tree."
            [00:52.19]The woodman looked around him and saw a tiny fairy.
            [00:57.39]"If you do not hurt this tree,"she said,"I will grant you an your wife three wishes."
            [01:05.65]"I won't hurt the tree,"said the woodman kindly.Then the faity vanished!
            [01:12.46]That evening,the woodman walked slowly home.He was feeling very hungry an could not wait for his supper.
            [01:23.07]"Is my supper ready?"the woodman asked his wife.
            [01:27.72]"Not for at least two hours,"replied his wife.So the woodman sat in a chair by the fire.
            [01:35.87]"I wish I had a big black sausage to eat right now,"he said out loud.
            [01:41.75]And sudenly,a delichous sausage appeared on the table befour him!
            [01:47.62]"Why his that black sausage suddenly appeared?"the woodman's wife asked.
            [01:53.63]So the woodman told his wife the story about the fairy.But his wife wasvery angry.
            [02:01.21]"You have wasted the first of our wishes,"she siad crossly.
            [02:06.33]"I wish that sausage were on your ose!And with that,the sausage jumped up and stuck fast on the woodman's nose.
            [02:16.96]His wife could not pull it of an nor could he,
            [02:20.90]so the only thing to do was to wish it on the table again,which the woodman did.
            [02:27.15]What a waste of three wishes!The only thing the woodman had was a good supper of black sausage.
            [02:37.99]Text B They Threatened Me with a Knife
            [02:45.98]Police Inspector:Good evening,sir.I understand that you have been robbed.
            [02:50.74]Mr lee:I certainly have.
            [02:53.43]P.L.:When did this happen?
            [02:55.36]Mr lee:About two hours ago.
            [02:58.26]P.L.:Why didn't yo report it before?
            [03:01.24]Mr lee:I couldn't.I was bound and gagged.
            [03:05.08]P.L.:Please tell me exactly what happened.
            [03:08.50]Mr lee:I was sitting in this room watching television when someone knocked on the door.
            [03:14.93]Without thinking,I opened it.
            [03:18.09]P.L.:That wasn't very wise,sir.
            [03:20.96]Mr lee:I know.I was expecting my wife,you see,and thought it was her.
            [03:26.76]P.L.:You should never open a door without looking to see who it is.
            [03:31.38]Mr lee:Yes,I know.I regret it very much.
            [03:35.56]P.L.:What happened?
            [03:37.23]Mr lee:Two men pushed into the flat.One of them threatened me with a knife while the other bound an gagged me.
            [03:46.64]P.L.:Did you get a good look at them?
            [03:49.77]Mr lee:I'm afraid not.They were both wearing stockings over their faces.
            [03:54.34]P.L.:What did they take?
            [03:56.96]Mr lee:My wallet,with 200 in it,my wristwatch,some of my wife's juwellery from our bedroom,and a silver photoframe.
            [04:07.22]P.I.:They don't seem to have done much damage to the flat.
            [04:11.56]Mr lee:No.They had just begun to search when the dogs next door began to bark.
            [04:17.78]They ran off then leaving me bound and gagged.
            [04:22.37]It was some time before my wife returned an released me.I phoned the police at once.
            [04:29.79]P.L.:My men began searching the area as soon as we received your call.
            [04:35.67]I can't promise you that we'll recover your property but we'll certainly do our best.
            [04:42.64]7 . Read the following passage once.
            [04:50.56]Underline the key words while reading and retell the story to your partner.
            [04:56.96]Now I know why birds sit on telephone lines. They listen.
            [05:03.07]I am either nine or ten years old. At the orphanage they call me Miguel.
            [05:09.63]When I want to feel improtant, I say, "Call me Don Miguel."
            [05:15.01]I used to act important all the time because I felt I wash't.
            [05:20.05]Back then, no one liked me very much because I didn't like other people.
            [05:27.21]But last year, I began to learn two important things: I was learning to see,not just look.
            [05:36.69]And I was learning to listen, not just hear.
            [05:40.79]I used to lie in the dark and make up relatives that I dido't have.
            [05:46.49]My favorite relative was a nice 01d man who spoke Spanish, like me.
            [05:52.73]One day a man came to see me. He said he was my uncle.
            [05:59.24]"I don't have an uncle," I said.
            [06:02.45]"Now you do," he said.
            [06:05.51]He was an old man who liked children. He had a boy once who went to Korea.
            [06:13.68]His daughter moved to the City. He said the City can be a difficult place in which to live.
            [06:20.87]He taught me how to see and listen. I don' t know he is my uncle or not; neither did he,
            [06:30.27]but he came to see me often.
            [06:32.78]I guess if you act like an uncle all the time, you are one.
            [06:37.87]I was not a good student before my uncle came along. He took me walking in the fields.
            [06:45.94]At one point he spread his arms and said, "It is all here."
            [06:52.42]"What?" I said.
            [06:54.69]"Everything you need to know," he replied.
            [06:58.77]At first it appeared to be nothing more than just a few trees.
            [07:04.12]I thought I was nowhere. Then he had me close my eyes.
            [07:09.32]First I heard the breeze in the grass,then in the trees, I also heard a faraway train and a barking dog.
            [07:21.65]For a while I heard nothing. I was almost scared. He said to listen harder.I heard my heart beat.
            [07:33.25]Because I used to be so sad, I had almost forgotten that I had a heart.Once I asked him who he was.
            [07:44.56]"An experiment," he said.
            [07:48.11]"What kind of an experiment?" I said.
            [07:51.77]He grinned and said, "Nobody knows. Like you, there is no one in the world like me.
            [08:01.91]So who is to say what I will be."
            [08:04.55]One day in the field he showed me the way the breeze made the trees move.
            [08:11.65]The rustling of the leaves made a sound that frightened a nearby bird. It flew away.
            [08:18.31]We watched the bird drop an acorn.
            [08:22.15]The bird, he said, "can make a seed move.
            [08:26.54]From that seed the oak can grow fifty feet tall.
            [08:31.32]It will be a friend to those who want one."
            [08:35.11]I always knew that trees were there, but I never knew they were real like me.
            [08:42.11]One Sunday I was angry. When.my uncle came, I said:"I don't have anything.
            [08:50.81]I wish I had something."
            [08:53.00]"You have everything worth having,"he said. "And I will give you even more.
            [09:00.32]I will give some secrets of the Universe. Do you believe me?"
            [09:05.25]"Yes," I said, wanting tobelieve him.He gave me three small seeds.
            [09:13.09]"Put each seed into a small box filled with dirt.
            [09:17.69]Then care for them.Talk to them if you wish. They will grow with you,"
            [09:24.87]Now they are in larger boxes, one of the plants has grown up to my knee.
            [09:31.25]I sometimes wonder what else it is up to.
            [09:34.82]Another time wewere walking in the field when we saw two birds on a telephone line.
            [09:41.64]They seemed so peaceful. Then suddenly they flew away.My uncle just laughed.
            [09:50.16]"See," he said, "Someone said something they didn't like.
            [09:55.30]Be careful what you tell the birds."
            [09:58.28]One night I passed by the office of the orphanage.
            [10:02.96]A man I don't like very much was on the phone. He was angry and loud.
            [10:09.36]When he left, I went into the office and picked up the phone. I heard the funniest sound.
            [10:18.06]"Listen," I said. "Listen, birds. Come on back, never mind what he says."We like you."
            [10:28.98]One day Uncle did not come. I waited and waited but he did not come.
            [10:36.37]The man I don't like at the orphanage said Uncle was sick.
            [10:41.18]"May I go and see him?" I asked.
            [10:45.36]"No,' he said. "He may be contagious."
            [10:49.40]"May I call him?"
            [10:51.76]"No,he said. "I'll call him for you."
            [10:56.17]"Don't do that," I said.
            [10:58.73]"Why not?"
            [11:00.24]"You' 11 make the birds fly away."
            [11:03.72]I sneaked into the office one night and called Uncle.
            [11:08.53]"Are you'all right?" I asked.
            [11:11.58]"Yes, but I must go away."
            [11:17.43]"To make room for something else."
            [11:20.46]"Will you come back?".
            [11:23.34]"I will help you remember me, if you want me to."
            [11:27.78]"I do....I do...."
            [11:29.97]When I went to bed at night, I would try to imagine that he was there.
            [11:37.18]He was harder and harder to see. One night, he was not there at all.
            [11:44.65]There was only a green field.
            [11:47.84]I went back to our field. It was raining.
            [11:53.09]The sky was dark, the way I was inside.
            [11:57.98]I looked for Uncle everywhere.I called his name.
            [12:03.36]I was angry for a while. I said some things out loud that I shouldn' t have said.
            [12:11.38]Two birds flew out of the tree. I made them get wet.
            [12:17.18]On the way back, I saw something that was only an inch or two tall.
            [12:24.46]It was where that bird dropped the acorn.
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