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            英語初級口語 (mp3+lrc字幕)Lesson37

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            [00:00.00]Lesson 37 Text A
            [00:09.61]Do You Know Who I Am?
            [00:13.17]Mr Smith is wel known in Washington because of his many social blunders.
            [00:19.54]He always likes to attend the various social functions cecause the wants to exapand hiscircle of friends.
            [00:28.29]Whenever he is invited,he goes,unless he is ill.Recently he received an invitation to a fashionable banquet.
            [00:39.73]Although he did not know teh hostess,he accepted the invitation.
            [00:46.71]He was secretly very pleased,because he felt that his reputation as a desirable guest was growing.
            [00:54.96]When he arrived at the banquet hall,he found that about one hundred people had been ivited.
            [01:03.09]HE bagan to mvoe around the hall.He spoke to other guests whether he knew them or not.
            [01:11.05]He soon realized that he had never met any of the other people present,although they seemed to know each other.
            [01:19.60]At dinner,he was seated beside a very dignified woman.
            [01:25.58]The woman tried to be friendly even though she had never met Mr Smith before.
            [01:32.06]She spoke politely,whenever he spoke to her.
            [01:36.55]Between the first an second course of the meal,she turned to Mr Smith and said,
            [01:43.29]"Do you see that gray-haired man at the end of the table?The one with the glasses."
            [01:50.42]"Ah,yes.Who is he?"asked Mr Smith.
            [01:55.62]"He's th Secretary of the Interior!"she replied.
            [01:59.95]Mr Smith said:"So that's the Secretary of the Interior!I'm afraid that I find very little to admire about him,
            [02:10.90]although he is the Secretary."The woman stiffened and did not reply.
            [02:17.74]Smith contiuned in spite of her coldness.
            [02:21.19]"I really can't see how he received his appointment,unless he is perhaps a relative of the President."
            [02:29.21]"It hardly matters whether you like the Secretary or not,"she said.
            [02:34.88]"He waschosen because the President thought he was the man for the job.
            [02:39.58]If he does the job well,you should have no complaint."
            [02:44.65]"That's just it,"persisted Smith."No one does the thigs he does,unless he is a complete fool!"
            [02:52.93]"Sir!"said the woman in all her dignity."Do you know who I am?"
            [03:00.61]"No,"replied Smith.
            [03:03.85]"I am the Secretary's wife"she said coldly.Mr Smith was flabbergasted,
            [03:11.45]but he went on in spite of his embarrassment.
            [03:15.13]"Madam,do you know who I am?"
            [03:18.45]"No,I don't,"the woman replied.
            [03:22.76]"Thank goodness!"exclaimed Mr Smith,as he quickly left the table.
            [03:30.99]Text B Hands Up!
            [03:35.48]This was the conversation in expensive shop in London.
            [03:40.37]A man and a woman walked in and....
            [03:44.47]Salesman:Can I help you?
            [03:45.67]Woman:Yes we're looking for a watch.It's for me.
            [03:51.18]Salesman:I see.What price are you interested in?
            [03:54.34]Man:The price doesn't matter.But it must be a gold watch.
            [03:58.94]Woman:And automatic.I must have an automatic watch!
            [04:03.54]Salesman:Hmm..something like this,perhaps.It's one of our best watches.Made in Switzerland.Fully automatic.
            [04:13.54]With a calendar and...
            [04:15.03]Man:It's nice...but haven't you got anything better?
            [04:18.82]Salesman:Better?Better than this?Well,we have some Orly de luxe watches..probably the best watch in the world.
            [04:28.59]But I'm afraid they're far more expensive than this one.They cost...
            [04:33.89]Man:Would you show us one,please?
            [04:35.80]Woman:Yes,could we see one of them,please?
            [04:39.12]Salesman:They're in the manager's office.You see,we don't...
            [04:43.56]Man:Could you possibly get one or two of them now?
            [04:46.51]Salesman:Er....yes,of course.Would you wait here for a moment.Please?
            [04:53.51](He goes to the manager's office and knocks on the door.)
            [04:53.88]Manager:Come in.
            [04:55.55]Salesman:Mr Crawford,I have two customers who....
            [04:58.63]Woman:All right!Hands Up! Stand over there!
            [05:02.24]Salesman:What in the world....
            [05:03.70]Man:Shut up!And open that safe!Come on!Open it!
            [05:08.69]Salesman:I...I can't open it.
            [05:11.43]Man:What do you mean?You must open it.
            [05:14.31]Manager:You told me to put my hands up.How can I open the safe with my hands up?
            [05:22.51]7. Read the following passage once.
            [05:27.68]Underline the key words while reading and retell the story to your partner.
            [05:34.24]Henry D. Penrose was a dog with a pedigree.
            [05:40.06]He lived in a fine stone house with white marble steps and red velvet drapes on every window.
            [05:48.32]His owner, Professor Randolph Penrose, was quite rich.
            [05:54.53]Each morning Henry was driven to Obedience School in a long black limousine.
            [06:03.39]Each afternoon he was fed two grilled lamb chops for lunch.
            [06:08.90]Each evening he fell asleep in his fur-lined basket in front of the fireplace.
            [06:16.37]On Saturdays he was groomed at Miss Fifi' s Shop. And on Sundays he accompanied the professor to the park,
            [06:26.87]where a classical orchestra played soothing music and the grass was cool and fragrant.
            [06:33.87]Professor Penrose would stroke Henry's shiny coat and say, "You have the life, Henry my boy!"
            [06:43.07]And Henry certainly had to agree.Then one day it all changed. Just. Like. That.
            [06:51.90]Professor Penrose received a telegram offering him a chance to dig for dinosaur bones in Idaho.
            [07:00.83]For one entire year.There was only one problem.
            [07:06.55]The telegram stated quite firmly in the largest letters possible: NO PETS ALIOWED!
            [07:14.47]The cook, Mrs Washburn, agreed to take Henry to her home until the professor returned.
            [07:22.72]Professor Penrose hated to send Henry to live on the other side of the city.
            [07:30.40]There were no marble steps or red velvet drapes on Mrs Washburn' s property.
            [07:36.31]But Henry was buttoned into his red plaid coat and driven to the Washburn residence.
            [07:43.99]Henry stepped out of the limousine. He was so shocked that his ears stuck out like two car doors.
            [07:53.21]Such an untidy home he had never seen. It was all he could do to maintain a sense of dignity.
            [08:02.46]He was picking his way through the toys on the muddy front steps when a tumble of children spilled onto the porch,
            [08:12.02]scooped him up, and before you could say"one--two"Henry was deposited in a sea of soap bubbles in the Washburn bathtub.
            [08:23.07]Each time he tried to jump out, little hands pushed him hack in.
            [08:28.63]"Don't be too rough, children," said Mrs Washburn. "Henry isn't used to such fun."
            [08:35.79]Dinner that evening was a big steamy ham bone.
            [08:41.53]Bits of cabbage fell from it as one of the children tossed it from the pot to Henry. What! thought Henry.
            [08:50.36]No plate? He wondered if he'd ever see a grilled lamb chop again.
            [08:56.74]By bedtime, Henry was exhausted. His fur-hned basket had been left behind. Where would he sleep?
            [09:06.66]Just then two of the children carried him off to a room with three hunk
            [09:14.11]"Henry's sleeping with me!" announced one child, pulling him to one
            [09:19.80]"Oh no! Henry's sleeping with me!" protested another, yanking him toward another bunk,
            [09:27.07]A third child elbowed his way in, and Henry flopped to the floor.
            [09:33.60]Before he could crawl under one of the beds, a pillow fight hroke out.
            [09:39.27]Thwack! A pillow smaeked into Hemy's face. He barked Loud!
            [09:45.74]Mrs Washburn came scurrying down the hallway. The daildren scattered into their beds.
            [09:53.79]"Why. Henry!" scolded Mrs Washburn, "You never, harked like that before!
            [10:00.06]Quiet down, or the children will. never get to sleep!"
            [10:04.37]On Sunday there was no park or classical orestra.No cool and fragrant grass.
            [10:12.83]Just the Washbum's backyard with its dandelion clumps
            [10:17.74]and creaky swings and a fort made out of empty cardboard boxes.
            [10:23.36]The children wrestled with Henry. They scratched his ears and tied an old red Christmas ribbon around his neck.
            [10:33.23]They tried to make him chase the eat next door.
            [10:37.68]Baby Washburn even kissed him--a hig,sloppy, wet, strawberry-lollipop kiss, right on the nose.
            [10:48.12]Later,when Bahy toppled over onto Henry's tail,they both cried:"Yeeeeooooooow!"
            [10:56.01]Mrs Washburn poked her head out 0f the back door. "Don' t hurt Bahy,Henry."
            [11:02.88]Days, weeks, months passed. Henry learned to put up with pillow fights and strawberry kisses.
            [11:13.75]He learned to ignore the neighbour's cat and to wriggle Christmas ribbons off his neck.
            [11:20.57]He even learned to eat steamy ham bones.And then one day everything changed. Just. like. That.
            [11:31.59]Professor Penrose returned.
            [11:33.73]The long black limousine came to take Henry back to the professor' s fine stone house.
            [11:41.54]The Washburn children gathered on their front porch.
            [11:46.32]Tears streamed down their cheeks. "Good-bye, Henry," they sniffled sadly. "Good-bye!"
            [11:53.69]That evening, after being groomed by Miss Fifi (who kept sighing over the tangles in his coat)
            [12:01.03]and after being fed two plump, perfectly grilled lamb chops(in his own monogrammed dish).
            [12:09.00]Henry climbed into his fur-lined basket in front of the fireplace.
            [12:14.43]He yawned. He laid his head on his front paws. He closed his eyes.
            [12:22.74]But he did not go to sleep.
            [12:24.96]Something was wrong. Everything was so quiet, so peaceful. Too quiet.Too peaceful.
            [12:33.71]Henry climbed ont of his basket.
            [12:36.61]He nudged open the front door and headed down the road to the Washburn house.
            [12:43.32]At first he walked properly, as he had been taught. Then he ran.
            [12:50.22]When he arrived, he scratched at the door.
            [12:54.14]Mrs Washburn opened it. "Why, it's you, Henry. Welcome home!"
            [13:00.38]Henry dashed up the stairs and into the children's bedroom. It was dark.
            [13:06.63]Thwack! A pillow smaed into his face.
            [13:10.83]Henry ducked under one of the beds. He smelled' the faint scent of strawberry,
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