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            Ⅰ.Vocabulary (30 minutes, 30 points)

            (1) Directions: There are fifteen incomplete sentences with one word or two words missing in this section. For each sentence there are four choices marked A,

            B, C and D. Choose the ONE that best completes the sentence。

            1. People should not take good constitution for granted, for human genetic code is ______ the development of ______。

            A. liable to... anomalies    

            B. predestined for... discomfort

            C. predisposed to... disease  

            D. indicative of... wholesomeness

            2. Nobody came to see me while I was out, _______ ?

            A. did they   B. didn’t they    C. did she   D. did me

            3. Aged just four, Josephine Hawkins is already at ease with her computer and the Internet, _______ clicking her mouse on Disney sites to download images of

            her favorite characters。

            A. confidentially     B. confidently     C. appreciatively     D. conscientiously

            4. He never hesitates to make _______ criticisms _______ are considered helpful to others。

            A. so …that      B. so …as     C. such… that     D. such…as

            5. The policy ______ made, the next problem was how to carry it out。

            A. having been      B. being   C. had been     D. was

            6. Susan is a devoted daughter, always very _______ to the needs of her old parents。

            A. attentive       B. observant    C. recurrent     D. earnest

            7. Overall, it is going to become much easier for people to communicate ______the Net。

            A. by               B. in            C. over              D. onto

            8. The hidden room is _____only through a secret back entrance。

            A. obtainable    B. achievable          C. attainable         D. accessible   

            9.He was so ______by his work that he did not notice that other employees had already left。

            A. prevailed      B. predominated        C. prescribed        D. preoccupied

            10. Please ______ yourself from smoking and spitting in public places, since the law forbids them。

            A. restrain      B. hinder          C. restrict         D. prohibit

            11. When the crowd saw the prize-fighter stretched out on the canvas, shouts and cheers _______ from it。

            A. broke up     B. broke forth      C. broke through         D. broke upon

            12. When a friend hurts you, your instinct is to protect yourself but that makes it harder to______ up problems。

            A. tackle            B. patch          C. handle          D. dispose

            13. It is bad manners to _______ other people behind their backs。

            A. do up            B. do by          C. do away with     D. do down

            14. That _____ the case, we have to make some changes in our plan。

            A. is             B. was         C. being        D. has been

            15.Einstein, who worked out his theory of relativity, lived to a _____ old age。

            A. ripe        B. mature      C. perfect       D. mellow

            16. Jean Wanger’s most enduring contribution to the study of Afro-American poetry is his insistence that it _____ in a religious, as well as worldly, frame

            of reference。

            A. is to be analyzed              B. has been analyzed  

            C. be analyzed                  D. should have been analyzed

            17. Looking back at all ______ had happened, he couldn’t help crying。

            A. which      B. that        C. what        D. this

            18.The clerk in the patent office said to his boss:“Look,I am not drunk. I’m as _____ as a judge!

            A. sober       B. somber       C. steady      D. clear

            19. The motion picture is only a series of still photographs which are ______ and viewed in rapid succession to create the illusion of movement and


            A. split        B. spilt         C. spun        D. spliced

            20.There was a very interesting remark in a book by an Englishman that I read recently _____ what he thought was a reason for this American characteristic。

            A. giving        B. gave        C to give      D given

            21. As a politician, she has to have the _____  of inspiring confidence in her listeners。

            A. fluke         B. knack      C. frenzy        D. venison

            22. Vanity is his Achilles' _________ 。

            A .heel             B .ankle             C. arm              D. leg

            23. Bad office planning will ________ both the employee and the employer and affect the performance of their duties。

            A. increase        B. extend      C augment         D. stretch

            24. A tree squirrel characteristically has long, plume-like tail that helps slow _____whenever it falls from high places。

            A. it descends         B. its descent     C. to descend   D. it is descending

            25. If you ______ the bottle and cigarettes, you’ll be much healthier。

            A. take off     B. keep off     C. get off     D. set off

            26. Peter was ______ the football with him but he had forgotten。

            A. to have brought      B. to bring      C. to have been brought     D. to be bringing

            27. Cynic believe that people who _______ compliments do so in order to be praised twice。

            A. bask in            B. give out       C. gloat over        D. shrug off

            28. The individual TV viewer invariably sense that he or she is ________ an anonymous, statistically insignificant part of a huge and diverse audience。

            A. everything except    B. anything but   C. no less than   D. nothing more than

            29. ________when she started complaining。

            A. Not until he arrived        B. No sooner had he arrived      C. Hardly had he arrived      D. Scarcely did he arrived

            30. Someone must have_______ about among my papers, for my drawer is in a mess。

            A. rampaged   B. rehearsed   C. rummaged  D. researched

            (2) Directions: There are ten sentences in this part with one word or phrase underlined in each sentence. From the four choices given, choose one that best

            explains or defines the underlined part in each sentence。(10 points)

            1. The findings of the two archaeologists threw light on the burial customs of the ancient Egyptians。

            A. paid attention to       B. gave faith to

            C. helped to make clear of     D. gained insight into

            2. After realizing that their daughter was incurably ill, the Reynolds family changed their minds about euthanasia

            A. penalty      B. capital sentence      C. degradation      D. mercy killing

            3. A judicious parent encourages his children to make their own decisions。

            A. judicial      B. illustrious          C. wise           D. precarious

            4. John boasted that he could finish the job all by himself in no time。

            A. very rapidly   B. in time         C. on time        D. at any moment

            5. Just

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