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            Orginate in America in the Mothers Festival. May 9,1906, American consuming city Jia-Wei the mother misfortune of silk dies , her grief extremely. Avoid Japan in annual mother death anniversary, Miss An Na organizes catch up the campaign of Sai mother, encourage other person to also express the gratitude for own loving mother with similar way. Hereafter, she convinces people everywhere and establishes the Mothers Festival to the appeal of all sectors of society and call. Her appeal gets warm response. Through draft resolution, on May 10,1913, American Senate and House of Representatives signs by president Wilson second that announces and decides each year's May for Sunday, is the Mothers Festival. This measure arouses world countries, is imitated one after another, install to 1948 Na pass away , 43 countries have established the Mothers Festival.
            The Mothers Festival of Japan is also second Sunday of May. In holiday, people give mother a red China pink , express congratulation.
            It is decided in finally a Sunday of May in 1928 and holiday that France celebrates the Mothers Festival for the first time. On holiday, this day cherishes happy mood frequently with the mothers of million ideas to accept the beautiful wish of " holiday is happy " of own offspring.
            Thailand announces in 1976 that August 12 is the Mothers Festival. This day is also safe queen the birthday of Li Ji. In holiday, whole country will develop the judgement campaign of " excellent mother ". Children hold the jasmine flower of fragrant strong fragrant , offer the mother given self.
            The Mothers Festival of a lot of countries of Arabic region is decided in " the spring of March 21 divides " for this day. Local thinks that " spring divides " is beginning from spring , the beginning of one year, with this expresssion mother is great. In the Mothers Festival of Portuguese, it is in December 8; And Indonesia is decided in December 22.
            In the Mothers Festival, it is regional holiday in our country, earlist have this holiday in Hongkong,Macao and Taiwan region. After reforming and opening up, the Mothers Festival is also accepted for inland. Guangdong province begins in 1988, the cities such as Hangzhou are in the beginning of 1989 years, the celebration campaign from different levels organization the Mothers Festivals of the Women's Federation, and judgement " good mother " is one of contents of holiday.
            In the Mothers Festival, a lot of persons give Kang Nai Xin to mother, it is the first time that orginate in the American publishing commemorative stamp of the Mothers Festival of May 1934. A kind mother on stamp, both hands are put on knee, look at a bundle of bright-colored beautiful Kang Nai Xin in preceding vase gladly. Along with the propagation of stamp, in the mind of a lot of persons, connect the Mothers Festival with Kang Nai Xin, Kang Nai Xin has become the flower of symbol maternal love , gets the reverence of people. Kang Nai Xin connects with the Mothers Festival together. People miss mother , give presents to the feelings of mother, entrust on Kang Nai Xin, Kang Nai Xin has also become to give the indispensable valuable gift of mother.

            寫一篇和母親節相關的英語作文,表達你對母親的愛, 以及母親為你付出的一切。

            Today's weather very good, God deliberately arranged. This particular day, blue skies, the number of words "Happy Mother's Day" reverberated in the ears.

            From early in the morning, I mope, because it can not think of what gift to give mother. Later, I came up with in my opinion the best gift for mother. First to see Mother, I sang loudly: "Mother, Mother's Day Happiness! The world is only a good mother, there is the mother of the child as-bao block." Singing, leaves itself a son and mother's arms, "dropped into the embrace of mother, and ultimately, happy ... ... "Mother died in Iraq last year, with deep feeling with me, Staring at me, eyes full of love and caress. Looked thoughtful, I grew up my mother smile ... ...

            Mother, in fact, you know, daughter wanted to tell you there is worth a thousand words, but there are also all into this beautiful melody, which Beat notes the go. Here not only has his daughter's aspirations, more daughters are infinite gratitude to you, sincere love.

            People will have a total support of our total love for us there is a touching, heartbreaking. Ah! Mother, you like an umbrella, an umbrella unusual. Summer, for me keep off the sun, winter, let me escape the harsh wind and snow.

            If you love the sun, let you love your mother, because there is no ray of sunshine than the warmth of maternal love; If you love wind, let you love your mother, because there is no more than a gentle breeze gentle motherly love ... ... ... If you love, please you love your mother, because all the world than maternal love everything tenacity, great, honest ... ...



              媽媽,其實您知道的,女兒有千言萬語想要對您說,然而,也全部溶入到這美妙的旋律,跳動 的音符當中去了.這里不僅有女兒的心聲,更多的是女兒對您無限的感激,真摯的愛.




                 My mother is a simple woman who comes from the countryside with little education. But in my eyes, she is the greatest mother in the world. Her perseverance gives me courage in all my life. Whenever I have trouble doing something and think about giving up, the scene that happened three years ago to mother just come into my mind.

                 Having asked for a leave from the teacher, I left the boring class and went to home with my favorite novel tucked under my arm. Father was at work, brother was at school, mother wouldn't be back from her small store until evening. I felt very happy thinking that I would have the entire house to myself. I bounded up steps, burst into the room but was shocked by whatever I saw. Mother was sitting in the sofa, sobbing with her shoulder twitching. I had never seen mother crying before. I went close to her, asking what had happened. She wiped her tears, forced a smile, and told me calmly that her small store was going to break. I didn’t know how to comfort her at the moment, but I did know what the small store meant to her.

                 Mother ran the small store in order for my brother and me to have a better education. As father worked with low salary which could merely afford the whole family's life necessities, mother had to try hard to earn money for our education. She was frantic to make money before she managed the store herself. She once worked day and night for months on end in a small restaurant. It was a very difficult period of time for her. But she never complained before us. Eventually, she had her own business by running the small store. And she really managed it well all the time with great efforts. I never expected that the store would break. This will undoubtedly take everything away from my mother. I couldn't help worrying about her. Mother seemed to read the worry on my face. She patted me on my shoulder, speaking with a faint smile: "Well, it may not be that serious. I'll try to make it better whatever. We'll be fine, my dear boy." I was so moved by mother's words. It turned out that mother really rebuilt her business soon and the store ran well. I could imagine how much mother had paid for her small store business. It was really too much for a woman. But she never gave up. She just went ahead with her unusual perseverance.

                 Now both my brother and I are studying at college. Mother works harder to finance our education. She is struggling by all means to keep the store business going. Her unusual perseverance is so inspiring to me that I will never give up halfway in my life.

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