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            一、情景交際  聽下面五個提示句,從每小題A、B、C三個選項中,選出能回應提示句的最佳選項!韭犆總提示句前,你將有時間閱讀各個小題,每小題5秒鐘,聽完后各個小題將給出5秒鐘的作答時間,每個提示句讀兩遍!浚啃☆}1.5分,共7.5分)

            1. A.Yes, you may.       B.Please hold on.       C.Can I take a message?

            2. A.Of course.          B.That’s all right.       C.Not at all.

            3. A.I don’t believe it.       B.Congratuations!      C.You are welcome.

            4. A.I prefer the movie.       B.Wonderful, I think.       C.I don’t think so.

            5. A.I want to book a room.       B.I’d like a T-shirt.       C.You are very kind.

            二、聽對話選圖  聽下面五段對話,每段對話后有一個問題,從下面所給的A、B、C、D、E、F六個圖片選項中,選出相應問題的最佳選項(其中有1個為干擾項)!韭犕昝慷螌υ捄,你將有5秒鐘的作答時間。每段對話讀兩遍!浚啃☆}1.5分,共7.5分)】

            2016年咸寧中考<a href=http://www.pesugihanputih88.com target=_blank class=infotextkey>英語</a><a href=http://www.pesugihanputih88.com/englishlistening/ target=_blank class=infotextkey>聽力</a>試題

            6._______  7. _______  8. _______  9. _______  10. _______ 

            三、對話理解  聽下面三段對話,從每小題A、B、C三個選項中,選出相應問題的最佳選項!韭犆慷螌υ捛,你將有時間閱讀各個小題,每小題5秒鐘;聽完后,各個小題將給出5秒鐘的作答時間,每段對話讀兩遍!浚啃☆}1.5分,共15分)】


            11.What’s the matter with Molly?

               A.She has a headache.   B.She failed the exam.     C.She feels sleepy.

            12.What kind of problem are they talking about?

               A.Traffic.             B.Noise pollution.         C.Over-work.

            13.What will Molly do to prevent the problem?

               A.Move away.         B.Call 110.               C.Write to the newspaper.]


            14.When will Maria amd Michael graduate from school?

               A.In three days.        B.In a week.              C.In a month.

            15.What is Michael planning to prepare for each?

               A.A special gift.        B.One or two books.       C.A photo of his.

            16.Where is Maria going to write her best wishes?

               A.On the card.         B.On QQ.                C.On the back of each photo.


            17.How many times did Jim call Mary yesterday morning?

               A.Once.              B.twice.                 C.Three times.

            18.Where did Mary draw pictures?

               A.near her home.       B.In the community.       C.In the park.

            19.Why is mary fond of drawing landscapes?

               A.Because she loves plants very much.

               B. Because she doesn’t like animals.

               C. Because she enjoys painting.

            20.Will Mary show Jim some of her pictures at school?

               A.Yes,she will.         B.No,she won’t.         C.We don’t know.

            四、短文理解  聽下面一段短文,從每小題A、B、C三個選項中,選出相應問題的最佳選項!韭牰涛那,你將有30秒鐘的時間閱讀各小題。短文讀兩遍!浚啃☆}2分,共10分)

            21.What is mainly talked about in the passage?

               A.How to keep lively.

               B.How to deal with stress.

               C.How to do with hobbies.

            22.What do “bookworms”mean from the passage?

               A.Some are good at learning and exams but poor on sports.

               B. Some are good at sports but weak in learning.

               C. Some are good at learning and sports.

            23.How can the students organize their time?

               A.Asking a teacher for advice.

               B.Making a list of things ahead.

               C.Sharing the things with parents.

            24.What should students do when they are laughed at?

               A.Be happy and feel comfortable.

               B.Think about the things that are bad.

               C.Pay no attention.

            25.How many suggestions are mentioned the passage?

               A.3.             B.4.             C.5.


            一、情景交際  聽下面五個提示句,從每小題A、B、C三個選項中,選出能回應提示句的最佳選項!韭犆總提示句前,你將有時間閱讀各個小題,每小題5秒鐘,聽完后各個小題將給出5秒鐘的作答時間,每個提示句讀兩遍!
            Text 1
            Hello! May I speak to Alice, please?
            Text 2
            It’s so hot. Would you mind my opening the door?
            Text 3
            Believe it or not, I was the first in the boy’s 100-metre rave!
            Text 4 
            How do you like the TV play last night?
            Text 5
            This is Holiday Hotel. What can I do for you?
            二、聽對話選圖  聽下面五段對話,每段對話后有一個問題,從下面所給的A、B、C、D、E、F六個圖片選項中,選出相應問題的最佳選項!韭犕昝慷螌υ捄,你將有5秒鐘的作答時間。每段對話讀兩遍!
            Text 6
            W: The vegetable pizza looks great. Will you have a try?
            M: Good idea. Besides, I’d like to order some American chocolate cookies.
            Question: Where are they talking?
            Text 7
            W: It’s said that you have a foreign pen pal.
            M: Yes, he lives in New York and we often send e-mails to each other.
            Question:Where is the man’s pen pal from?
            Text 8
            W: Have you ever dreamed of space walk?
            M: Yes, and I wish one day it would come true.
            Question: What are they talking about?
            Text 9
            W: What did you buy for your dad on Father’s Day?
            M: Something cool to wear.
            Question: What did the man buy for his father?
            Text 10
            W: Look therre! The building is on fire!
            M: We’d better call 119 immediately.
            Question:which will they use next?
            三、對話理解  聽下面三段對話,從每小題A、B、C三個選項中,選出相應問題的最佳選項!韭犆慷螌υ捛,你將有時間閱讀各個小題,每小題5秒鐘;聽完后,各個小題將給出5秒鐘的作答時間,每段對話讀兩遍!
            Text 11
            M: Morning, Molly. You don’t look well. What’s wrong?
            W: I have a headache. Ihaven’t fallen asleep because if the noise from the factory near my home these days.
            M: That’s terrible. Noise pollution is harmful to our health.
            W: Yes. It’s really awful. I couldn’t sleep well, so I’m always in a bad mood during the day.
            M: Something must be done right now.
            W: I think I should write to the newspaper about the problem.
            Text 12
            M: Hi, Mania! How time flies! We will graduate from school in a week.
            W : Yes, that’s right, Michael! I feel sad because we have to say goodbye.
            M: But I will remember our friendship forever.
            W: Me too. By the way, what are you planning to do before graduation?
            M: I plan to send every classmate a special gift. And you?
            W: I will take photos together with my classmates and write my best wishes on the back of each photo.
            M: That’s cool enough!
            Text 13
            W: Good afternoon, Jim.
            M: Good afternoon, Mary! What did you do yesterday morning? I called you twice, but your mother said you were out.
            W: I went to the park to draw pictures.
            M: What kind of pictures do you usually draw?
            W: Landscape.
            M: Why do you like to draw that kind of pictures?
            W: Because I love plants very much.
            M: Is it difficult to learn drawing?
            W: Yes, a little, but it needs a lot of practice.
            M: Can you show me your favorite pictures?
            W: Yes, of course. Please come over to my home. I’ll show you some of them.
            M: All right. I’ll come the day after tomorrow.
            W: See you then.
            M: See you.
            四、短文理解  聽下面一段短文,從每小題A、B、C三個選項中,選出相應問題的最佳選項!韭牰涛那,你將有30秒鐘的時間閱讀各小題。短文讀兩遍!
            Text 14
            Many teenagers have problems that worry them. Some do not leam their school subject well. Some are good at learning and do well in exams, but they are doing so poorly in sports that their classmates call them bookwroms. So many teenagers suffer from ftress. The good news is that there are some simple ways to deal with stress.
            First, eating a healthy diet, getting enough sleep and doing exercise are very important. How cann we be happy if we are not fit?
            Secondly, for school work, planning ahead can help Making a list of things they need to do and planning when to do them can help students organize their time. If you are weak in a subject, studing hard and asking a teacher for advice can help.
            Thirtly, students should pay no attention to people who laugh at them. Instead, they should think about the things that are good.
            Then students should also make enough time for their hobbies. Playing sports, reading and watching films also help them feel comfortable.
            Finally, it is suitable for teenagers to share their problems with their friends and parents.




            1—5 BCBBA


            6—10 BADCF


            11—15 ABCBA     16—20 CBCAB


            21—25 BABCC


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