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            新概念英語第三冊課文和筆記第52課:Mud is mud

            Source: 恒星英語學習網    2014-06-06  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  

            ◆fanciful adj. 想像出來的
            imagining doing
            fancying doing

            ◆insoluble adj. 不可溶解的
            solve 解決
            insolve 不可溶解

            ◆◆◆prompt v. 敦促,激勵
            vt. urge sb. to do sth.
            persuade sb. to do sth.
            prompt sb. to do
            Eg: What prompted him to be so generous.
            Our discussion prompted some questions. 我們的討論引出了幾個問題。
            lead to; cause; result in;
            Eg: What prompts you to study English so hard?
            promptly adv.
            prompt: quick
            take measure 采取措施
            Eg: He took a prompt measure. 他作出了一個果斷的決定。
            He made a prompt decision.
            swift 沒有任何干擾,一點也不費力地連續不斷地迅速,形容相當快
            Eg: His rise to fame was swift.
            The car is going fast.
            The car is going swiftly.
            He made rapid / swift progress.
            rapid 迅速的 (某事發生的速度快)
            rapid recovery 快速康復
            Eg: He is still young, so his recovery is rapid.
            don’t do it in such a speedy way.
            more haste less speed. 欲速則不達
            hasty 匆匆忙忙,草率
            Eg: Sometimes we make a decision hastily.
            Sometimes we make a decision in a haste way.

            ◆exclusive adj. 專售高檔商品的
            ◆syllable n. 音節
            ◆bewilderment n. 迷惑,糊涂
            bewilder : puzzle

            L52-02 end 12’21”

            L52-03 begin 12’11”

            Eg: Your question puzzled me.
            bewilder: 令人眼花繚亂
            Eg: Yesterday I went shopping, but countless beautiful dresses bewildered me.
            in bewilderment

            ◆freckle n. 雀斑
            ◆evidently adv. 顯然的,明顯地
            evident 顯眼的,突出的
            Eg: She is evident at party.
            in evidence 相當于evident, 也相當于evidently

            ◆weird adj. 奇異的,古怪的
            ◆concoction n. 調制品
            ◆intoxicate v. 陶醉,得意忘形
            excite greatly beyond self-control
            be intoxicated by
            be intoxicated with
            Eg: When we pass out important examinations, we are intoxiacated with our success.
            intoxicate 喝醉
            Eg: If you drink too much whiskey, you will get intoxicated.
            get drunk
            become intoxicated.
            intoxicating 令人陶醉的
            Eg: He failed in his examination, but he was intoxicated with that, and his intoxication was beyond my understanding.

            ◆blank adj. 無表情的,茫然的
            ◆discreetly adv. 謹慎地
            discreet ==careful in speech and action
            Eg: He’s discreet in giving his opinion.
            He’s discreet in airing his views.
            When you have to make a big decision, particularly in front of a large number of people, you must be discreet.
            be discreet in doing sth.
            careful 細心的 (不表示謹慎)
            Eg: Whatever we do, we must be careful.
            Be careful, a car is rushing towards you.
            cautious 謹慎的 (既表示細心,又表示謹慎)
            Eg: He is a cautious person, so whatever he does, he is not only discreet but careful as well.
            considerate: 考慮周到的,細心的 (thoughtful)
            Eg: You will live easily if you have a considerate friend with you.
            prudent 慎重的
            Eg: You must make a prudent decision.
            wary 小心翼翼的
            tactful 機智的,考慮周全的
            tact 機智
            discreet / careful / cautious / considerate / prudent

            L52-03 end 12’11”

            L52-04 begin 12’29”

            ◆clutch v. 抓住

            ◆adorn v. 裝飾,打扮
            well decorated walls 裝飾得很漂亮的墻壁
            adorn 打扮,佩戴
            Eg: We adorn our rooms with flowers.
            decorate: 裝修
            Eg: Newly weds embark on the task of decorating their new house.新婚夫婦忙著裝修自己的新房子。
            adorn 裝點
            Eg: He adoned his story with all sorts of adventures that never happened.
            She adorned her dress with a lace.
            ornament v. 增添細節或裝飾物
            Eg: The dress is ornamented / adorned with lace.
            a woman adorned in jewelry and fur 一位珠光寶氣、穿著皮衣的婦女
            in jeans 穿著牛仔褲
            in jewelry 佩戴首飾
            in fur 穿著裘皮大衣
            a miss adorned in mink coat 一位穿著貂皮大衣的小姐
            a beautifully adorned room
            a beautifully decorated house

            Lesson 52 Mud is mud 實事求是
            Listen to the tape then answer the question below.
            Why did Harry decide to give up his little game?

            My cousin, Harry, keeps a large curiously-shaped bottle on permanent display in his study. Despite the fact that the bottle is tinted a delicate shade of green, an observant visitor would soon notice that it is filled with what looks like a thick, grayish substance. If you were to ask Harry what was in the bottle, he would tell you that it contained perfumed mud. If you expressed doubt or surprise, he would immediately invite you to smell it and then to rub some into your skin. This brief experiment would dispel any further doubts you might have. The bottle really does contain perfumed mud. How Harry came into the possession of this outlandish stuff makes an interesting story which he is fond of relating. Furthermore, the acquisition of this bottle cured him of a bad habit he had been developing for years.
            Harry used to consider it a great joke to go into expensive cosmetic shops and make outrageous requests for goods that do not exist. He would invent fanciful names on the spot. On entering a shop, he would ask for a new perfume called 'Scented Shadow ' or for ' insoluble bath cubes'. If a shop assistant told him she had not heard of it, he would pretend to be considerably put out. He loved to be told that one of his imaginary products was temporarily out of stock and he would faithfully promise to call again at some future date, but of course he never did. How Harry managed to keep a straight face during these performances is quite beyond me.
            Harry does not need to be prompted to explain how he bought his precious bottle of mud. One day, he went to an exclusive shop in London and asked for 'Myrolite', the shop assistant looked puzzled and Harry repeated the word, slowly stressing each syllable. When the woman shook her head in bewilderment, Harry went on to explain that 'myrolite' was a hard, amber-like substance which could be used to remove freckles. This explanation evidently conveyed something to the woman who searched shelf after shelf. She produced all sorts of weird concoctions, but none of them met with Harry's requirements. When Harry put on his act of being mildly annoyed, the assistant promised to order some for him. Intoxicated by his success, Harry then asked for perfumed mud. He expected the assistant to look at him in blank astonishment. However, it was his turn to be surprised, for the woman's eyes immediately lit up and she fetched several bottles which she placed on the counter for Harry to inspect. For once, Harry had to admit defeat. He picked up what seemed to be the smallest bottle and discreetly asked the price. He was glad to get away with a mere twenty pounds and he beat a hasty retreat, clutching the precious bottle under his arm. From then on, Harry decided that this little game he had invented might prove to be expensive. The curious bottle, which now adorns the bookcase in his study, was his first and last purchase of rare cosmetics.

            keep sth. on permanent display
            duriously-shaped 形狀奇怪的
            wine bottles of all shapes and sizes
            despite the fact that 盡管事實如此
            in spite of the fact that
            used to 過去常常而現在不
            Eg: He would often have clas in the morning.
            if you should 和 if you were to 可以互換
            should + 動詞原形 可能性大
            were to + 動詞原形 可能性極小

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