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            房地產英語Chapter 1 住宅物業

            Source: 恒星英語學習網  Onion  2009-07-27  我要投稿   論壇   Favorite  
            [00:02.14]basic appliances
            [00:14.45]efficiency rate
            [00:17.68]floor plan
            [00:25.18]gross area
            [00:28.68]hillside view
            [00:33.25]internal layout
            [00:49.19]management fee
            [00:53.52]net area
            [01:01.94]rent payable in advance
            [01:07.19]residential property market
            [01:15.83]square feet
            [01:18.84]transaction price
            [01:23.17]vacant unit
            [01:32.26]Scene:ABC Properties Company,Tai Koo Shing Branch
            [01:37.75]A:Agent James Wilson
            [01:40.55]C:Client Mr.Johnson
            [01:43.47]A:Good morning,Sir.Have a seat,please.
            [01:46.55]C:I would like to know the state of the residential property market right now because I have an apartment to sell.
            [01:56.04]A:Sure,here is my business card.
            [01:58.36]I'm James Wilson.
            [02:00.61]Let me explain to you how things are.
            [02:04.68]In recent months,the demand for residential properties has become extremely high.
            [02:11.53]The price of residential property has risen almost twenty percent.
            [02:17.38]C:Really?Since I have to go back to England within the next few months,I would like to sell my apartment as soon as possible.
            [02:28.58]A:Don't worry.Sir.I think it's a seller's market now.
            [02:38.77]Let me get down some information about your apartment first.
            [02:44.05]What is your property's address?
            [02:46.56]C:Flat C,15/F,Tong House,Tai Koo Shing.
            [02:52.41]A:What is the square footage of your property?
            [02:56.01]How many bedrooms and living rooms?
            [02:58.86]C:Its gross area is approximately nine hundred square feet.
            [03:03.95]There's one living room,one dining room,one Master bedroom and two other bedrooms.
            [03:11.06]A:What is the orientation and view?
            [03:14.82]C:It faces south with a hillside view.
            [03:18.58]A:The market price for Tong House is around five thousand Hong Kong dollars per square foot.
            [03:25.66]but it also depends on the internal layout and condition of the house.
            [03:31.67]C:I would like to ask four point five million Hong Kong dollars.
            [03:36.84]A:May I have your name and contact number,Sir?
            [03:40.53]C:Johnson,and my contact number is 28765432.My office number is 21234567.
            [03:54.32]A:Thank you,Mr.Johnson.May I ask you one more question?
            [03:59.41]When will you property become available?
            [04:04.17]C:In about one month.
            [04:07.77]A:Also,Mr.Johnson,I would like to remind you my company will charge a commission equivalent to one percent of the transaction price in the event of a successful selling of the Property through our introduction.
            [04:25.33]C:No problem.
            [04:27.49]A:Thank you very much.I will introduce your property to our clients.
            [04:33.01]When they want to see your property.I will give you a call.
            [04:37.45]C:Thank you.
            [04:41.55]Scene:ABC Properties Company,Tai Koo Shing Branch
            [04:45.65]A:Agent James Wilson
            [04:48.00]C:Client Mrs.Chen
            [04:50.85]A:Good morning,Madam,and how do you do?
            [04:54.35]C:Fine,I would like to check today's newspaper advertising on Tong house.
            [05:00.46]A:Yes,Madam.Have a seat please.
            [05:03.46]I think you mean the one priced at four point five Million Hong Kong dollars.
            [05:08.64]May I have your name,please?
            [05:11.22]C:I'm Mrs.Chen.Is the flat still available?
            [05:16.50]A:Mrs.Chen,here is my name card.I'm James Wilson.
            [05:21.78]The Tong House is about seventeen years old but the internal condition is fine.
            [05:27.89]May I know if you are familiar with the neighborhood.Do you know the location of Tong House?
            [05:35.07]C:No,I don't live around there,but I know the location and environment of Tai Koo Shing.
            [05:41.60]I know the average price of five thousand Hong Kong dollars per square foot is very attractive.
            [05:49.05]May I know the size,the layout and the view of the house?
            [05:54.32]A:Sure.The area of this flat is around nine hundred square feet.
            [06:00.88]It is designed as one living room,one dining room,one master bedroom and two bedrooms.
            [06:08.90]C:Do you have the floor plan of the building?
            [06:12.58]A:Yes,Mrs.Chen.Here it is.
            [06:15.09]For this unit,the efficiency rate is very high because the layout is very effective.
            [06:20.53]Also,the owner keeps the house in a good condition.
            [06:24.78]Maybe I can show you the house.
            [06:27.37]C:Very well.Can we go now?
            [06:30.22]A:Give me a minute.Let me call the owner first.
            [06:33.40]C:Thank you.
            [06:35.91]Scene:After Mrs.Chen signed the inspection record,James Wong shows Mrs.Chen to Mr.Johnson's house,Bell rings.
            [06:46.10]A:Agent James Wilson
            [06:49.03]S:Seller -Mr.Johnson
            [06:55.37]A:Hello,Mr.Johnson,I am with Mrs.Chen to view your house.
            [07:00.13]S:Please come in and feel free to take a look around the house.
            [07:04.57]A:Mrs.Chen,as you can see,the decoration is in perfect condition.the kitchen,is on your left.
            [07:12.35]Look!Is it so big,five people could live here.
            [07:16.79](They walk to the living room.)
            [07:19.14]The layout of the flat consists of one dining room,one living room,one master bedroom and two bedrooms.
            [07:28.50]The gross area of this unit is nine hundred and thirteen square feet.
            [07:34.77]B:Does this apartment face south?
            [07:38.11]A:The living room faces south and the bedrooms face north.
            [07:42.63]Mrs.Chen,what do you think of this unit?It has a beautiful hill view and quiet environment.
            [07:51.56]Also,Tai Koo Shing has many amenities such as a grand shopping mall,wonderful playground,residents club,four standard tennis courts and a few supermarkets.
            [08:07.11]Also,it is conveniently located for public transportation with the MTR and buses.
            [08:14.79]A:May I ask if your interest in the unit is for investment or self_use?
            [08:21.32]B:The purpose is for investment because I hear from my friend that the rental return for Tai Koo Shing is not bad.
            [08:31.01]A:Sure,Mrs.Chen,the rent for this unit is around thirty_five thousand Hong Kong dollars.
            [08:38.03]The yield is almost ten percent.
            [08:41.04]Many Japanese and Westerners love to live here.
            [08:46.21]It's only because Mr.Johnson must go back to England that he has to sell this unit.
            [08:52.56]B:I understand.The flat is in good condition and I don't have to redecorate it later.
            [08:59.66]But,I've got to discuss it with my husband first.
            [09:04.34]Mr.Wilson,how about I call you to make an appointment again?
            [09:10.11]A:Sure.Mrs.Chen,anyway.I should remind you that you must be quick because I have other clients wanting to see this unit.
            [09:21.55]B:Okay.I'll call you later.
            [09:25.47]A:Thank you,Mr.Johnson.I'll call you when I get back to the office.
            [09:31.06]S:Thank you.I'll wait for your call.Bye.
            [09:38.25]Scene:ABC Properties Company,Robinson Road Branch
            [09:42.69]A:Agent Lu Chen
            [09:45.27]C:Client Mr.Roberts
            [09:48.20]A:Hi,Sir.May I help you?
            [09:51.54]C:Yes,please.I am looking to lease an apartment.
            [09:55.72]A:This is my business card.I am Lu Chen.Nice to meet you.
            [10:00.24]C:Thank you.I am Sam Roberts.
            [10:02.91]I am looking for an apartment of around one thousand square feet for my family.
            [10:08.91]A:Mr.Roberts,are you familiar with this area?
            [10:13.02]C:Yes,I am living in Rose Garden now,but the lease will expire in two months.
            [10:20.80]The landlord is going to sell his apartment.
            [10:24.48]A:I see.I guess you prefer remaining in the same neighborhood.
            [10:30.18]Let me check the computer's property data for you first.
            [10:34.70](After a few minutes.)
            [10:36.79]Sir,do you know Robinson Garden?
            [10:39.87]C:No,I'm sorry to say.
            [10:42.46](Lu Chen points out the location of Robinson Garden from the map.)
            [10:47.73]A:Robinson Garden is only two years old.
            [10:51.42]The first floor has a prestigious lobby and a car park entrance.
            [10:57.11]The second and third floor are for car parking only.
            [11:02.28]The fourth floor is the clubhouse,which includes a fitness center and one swimming pool.
            [11:09.31]Over the platform are two of thirty level residential buildings.
            [11:15.08]There are four units on each floor.
            [11:18.16]The unit areas are between eight hundred square feet and one thousand three hundred square feet.
            [11:25.43]The mid_level has one vacant unit for lease.
            [11:29.76]The gross area is one thousand three hundred square feet and the net area is almost one thousand square feet.
            [11:40.47]The layout of the unit includes one huge living room,one dining room and three bedrooms.
            [11:48.75]The maid's room is attached to the kitchen.
            [11:52.86]C:Is it furnished or non_furnished?
            [11:56.28]A:It is a fumished apartment with necessary home appliances.
            [12:02.47]C:How much is the rent?
            [12:05.55]A:The asking rent is forty-five thousand Hong Kong dollars per month.
            [12:11.40]C:Okay.I would like to check the house with my wife tomorrow right after seven.
            [12:16.76]Also,can you show me two more apartments for comparison at the same time?
            [12:22.95]A:Sure,Mr.Robert.I'll arrange things for you tomorrow right.
            [12:26.97]May I have your telephone number in order to confirm the appointment?
            [12:31.31]C:Yes,my office number is 25242524.
            [12:36.82]In case I am not in my office,you can also contact my mobile phone.
            [12:41.91]The number is 90887766.
            [12:47.92]A:Thank you.Mr.Roberts.
            [12:49.93]I'll have all the information and get back to you as soon as possible.
            [12:55.11]Scene:Robinson Garden
            [12:57.69]A:Agent Lu Chen
            [12:59.86]C:Client Mr.Roberts
            [13:02.71]A:Good evening,Mr.Roberts.How are you?
            [13:06.05]C:Fine,thanks.My wife was not able to come and have a dinner party to go at eight,so I think I can check only one apartment tonight.
            [13:17.96]A:No problem.I'll change the appointments for the other flats later on.
            [13:23.42]Mr.Roberts,would you please sign an inspection record for me?May I have your identity number for reference?
            [13:35.80](After a few minutes driving,Lu Chen and Mr.Roberts are at the entrance of Robinson Garden with the security in the lobby.
            [13:45.26]C:Hello,I'm Lu Chen from ABC company.Here is my business card.
            [13:51.19](Larry signs the visitor list.Then Chen and Mr.Roberts take the Elevator to 18/F,Chen has the key and he opens it.)
            [14:02.63]A:Here it is,Mr.Roberts.
            [14:04.80]One the left is the kitchen.At the back of the living room are three bedrooms.the largest one is the master bedroom.
            [14:16.76]You see the kitchen has basic appliances including a stove,refrigerator,dryer and washing machine.
            [14:27.71]Also,you'll notice the living room is large.
            [14:32.23]The landlord will also provide furniture if you need it.
            [14:36.83]C:How about the bedroom?
            [14:39.26]A:Let me show you.
            [14:41.35]This is the master bedroom with an adjoining bathroom.The view is delightful.
            [14:47.69]The other two bedrooms are for children.
            [14:50.70]C:It looks great to me.Can my wife and kids check it out tomorrow?
            [14:56.71]Also,do you know if there is any discount for the rent?
            [15:01.98]A:I'm afraid not,Sir.
            [15:03.81]The average rent in this area is around forty five thousand Hong Kong dollars per month.
            [15:10.50]Since the landlord is in a hurry to lease the apartment,he has already lowered the rent.
            [15:16.77]C:I see.How much deposit should I pay?
            [15:20.87]A:Two months deposit and one month's rent payable in advance.
            [15:26.15]C:How about the management?
            [15:29.65]A:I have to check this out with the landlord.
            [15:34.82]C:Sure.I'll let my family decide after they have looked at the apartment tomorrow.
            [15:41.09]Thank you so much.
            [15:44.01]A:Don't mention it.See you tomorrow.
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